Cheesy Crackers

Confession: I have an addiction. An addiction to Cheez-It crackers. It started in high school and has only gotten worse now that I’m an adult and able to eat whatever I want, whenever I want–meaning Cheeze-Its at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday are totally acceptable.

Fortunately, my friend understands and shares my addiction. Solidarity. Melanie, the one who also struggles with a need for cheesy crackers, decided she was going to make a homemade version. There’s a ton of preservatives in the red box.

A quick internet search revealed a recipe that tastes good and doesn’t require an afternoon of never leaving the kitchen. Seriously. You can make these one night after work and still get your recommended eight hours of sleep. (We all get this every night, right?).

Photo cred: Melanie Cohen

Cheesy Crackers (aka homemade Cheez-Its) | Photo cred: Melanie Cohen

Melanie did not make any changes to the recipe she found online. So this blog post is more of a review saying: Yes, the homemade Cheez-It recipe, (by Kazmataz on is a keeper and definitely not a #fail. Enjoy!

Some notes for the crackers:

*Mel’s oven took a lot longer than 20 to 25 minute baking time, so depending on your oven, it could take more time as well. If that’s the check, check every few minutes after the 20 to 25 minutes.

*Make sure to roll out the dough thinly enough for the crackers to taste like crackers and not bread.

*Don’t freeze the dough for too long–because of consistency, it’ll be really tough to roll out if you freeze for longer than an hour.


Homemade cheesy crackers (left) and Cheez-It crackers (right) | Photo cred: Melanie Cohen


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