The Blog

Stories and recipes from one slightly messy baker, seeing the world through flour-coated glasses.

The business in the oven

Friends and family inspire my recipes. Here, you’ll find a twist on classic baked goods using real, quality ingredients that you can find in most grocery stores. Yes, evenĀ  gluten-free cookies that don’t require picking up a specialty flour. Honestly, how many of you have read a recipe asking for guar gum and said “YES” definitely making this tonight.

Sometimes I nerd out and get into the science of baking. Sometimes I incorporate films into my blog posts. Sometimes I get butter on the ceiling while baking. (Not all recipes can be doubled.) Enjoy my adventures, quips and mishaps, and feel free to share yours in the comments.

The faces behind the curtain

Tracey Adams


Photo Cred: Melanie Cohen

My fondness for baking began in college. I was a nightowl with a full-sized kitchen that could not be denied. Plus, I had three roommates willing to sacrifice their taste buds. With a limited budget, I began to create unfussy, yet creative desserts. Ask me about that time I fashioned a turtle cake because we didn’t have two pans of the same size.

Likes to snack on: Cookie dough.
Dislikes: Roll-out cookies.
Fun fact: Watched The Sound of Music and Robin Hood, daily, as a 2-year-old.
Dream country for a dessert tour: It’s not a country, but Hawaii is my pick. I get cartoon eyes upon seeing tropical fruits on a dessert menu.

The Photos

Melanie Cohen


Photo Cred: Brandy Crist-Travers/Modern Toile Photography

The baked goods on this blog look extra delicious thanks to the photography talents of Melanie Cohen. (You can also find her photos watermarked as Mel C. Shoots. Check ’em out.)

Likes to snack on: Mel’s cheesy crackers.
Dislikes: Peeling fruit.
Fun fact: Can meow well enough to fool a cat.
Dream country for a dessert tour: Italy–It’s the best place for a gelato tour too.



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